Strategic Marketing + Branding

Agent of Change provides a multi-faceted platform for bringing ideas to fruition. Using comprehensive skills, our team strategizes and implements a plan of understanding, action, and completion. Whether it's a new brand, a fresh product, or a forthcoming book or film, our clients' vision comes to life. Strategy and experience guide us; our vast network of like-minded individuals in health and wellness, philanthropy and entertainment support us; and the inspiration that ignites when working one-on-one with our clients motivates us.

Brand Strategy

Agent of Change works alongside our clients to build a brand with a direct message and fresh perspective. We offer conceptual, positioning, technical, and literary guidance on all product and brand materials, including website content, flyers, press releases, proposals, and more, to ensure memorable, consistent, and precise communication.

Social Media Campaigns

Our team immerses itself with each client’s vision and mission to script smart and strategic content for all social media outlets.
Agent of Change’s detailed posting schedule makes for complete transparency while engaged in social media management.

Strategic Relationship + Ambassador Program Development

Our industry expertise allows us to help clients develop tactical relationships with like-minded audiences, as well as form partnerships with high-profile individuals and organizations that may work to support a client’s brand or mission.