Headstrong Project

Words of War Fundraiser
IAC Building, NYC
May 2013

Through a partnership with Weill Cornell Medical Center, the Headstrong Project provides completely cost free, bureaucracy free, and confidential treatment to Iraq and Afghanistan veterans. In addition, we build highly collaborative platforms with other Veteran Service Organizations to reduce the barriers to care and ensure every veteran receives the care they need and deserve for their service to our country. More information can be found at getheadstrong.org.

Words of War was a cocktail fundraiser at IAC HQ that included a war poetry reading by Jake Gyllenhaal. Additionally, Theater of War featuring Joanne Tucker (Arts in the Armed Forces) and Jamie Hector (from HBO’s The Wire) performed a scene from Sophocles’ Ajax, a play that illustrates the timeless psychological effects of war. Additionally writer Garrett Anderson (winner of Headstrong Project poetry/prose contest) and Gerardo Mena recited their poems. Funds raised from the cocktail fundraiser benefited the Headstrong Project as well as Team Rubicon, Team RWB and Student Veterans of America.

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